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NFL Picks Week 7




Each week, the Steelers Now staff is picking each NFL game.


Alan Saunders: 57-32
Parker Hurley: 52-37
Mike Asti: 49-40
Ron Lippock: 49-40


Mike Asti: 6-7
Parker Hurley: 5-8
Ron Lippock: 6-7
Alan Saunders: 9-4


Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Asti: Chiefs. The real Kansas City has to stand up eventually and Denver just isn’t that good.
Hurley: Broncos, Chiefs are banged and traveling on a short week
Lippock: Chiefs. Standard good offense versus good defense matchup – and Denver is tough at home. I just think Denver’s offense is too poor to keep up with what the Chiefs can muster on offense.
Saunders: Chiefs, with the usual Thursday night caveats.


Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta Falcons

Asti: Rams
Hurley: Rams
Lippock: Rams. Poor Falcons defense is the perfect remedy for the Rams. Rams will bounce back.
Saunders: Rams in a perfect bounce-back game.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

Asti: Bills. I just can’t ever pick Miami.
Hurley: Bills
Lippock: Dolphins. I’m going on the ledge with my upset special here. I’m not a believer in the Bills — especially with such a poor offense. They keep too many teams close and some Fitzmagic does them in.
Saunders: Bills continue to pile up weak wins.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals

Asti: Jaguars
Hurley: Jaguars
Lippock: Bengals. 2nd upset special. Bengals have played teams close and the Jaguars offense is bad enough to stay close and eek out a win at home.
Saunders: Jaguars. Remember what the Steelers running game did to the Bengals? Now imagine Leonard Fournette.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

Asti: Vikings. Detroit needs this game more. It’s very evenly matched and could go either way.
Hurley: Vikings
Lippock: Vikings. Two nearly identical teams here but give the Vikings the slight edge with a better defense.
Saunders: Vikings. Torn by this pick. I like both teams.

Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers

Asti: Packers
Hurley: Packers
Lippock: Packers. Two teams going different directions.
Saunders: Packers.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

Asti: Texans
Hurley: Colts
Lippock: Texans. Two different teams – Colts rely on defense and low scoring offense and the Texans are somewhat of a mirror image. Watson is the difference maker here.
Saunders: Texans. I can’t figure out how the Colts keep winning

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

Asti: Cardinals
Hurley: Giants
Lippock: Cardinals. Two awful defenses but a better offense in Arizona is the difference.
Saunders: Cardinals.

San Francisco 49ers at Washignton Redskins

Asti: 49ers. There’s no way the Redskins can deal with the San Francisco defense. Washington will be lucky to score at all.
Hurley: 49ers
Lippock: 49ers. Easiest call of the week.
Saunders: 49ers.


Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans

Asti: Chargers
Hurley: Titans, we learn that beating the Chargers and Bengals may not be all that impressive.
Lippock: Chargers. Titans offense is just too poor to keep up on the road.
Saunders: Chargers. Titans are a mess.

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

Asti: Bears
Hurley: Bears, their defense shows up off of a bye
Lippock: Saints. Two very good defenses but Saints offense is marginally better.
Saunders: Saints, but this will be a tough test for Teddy Bridgewater.

Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks

Asti: Seahawks
Hurley: Seahawks
Lippock: Seahawks. Home field advantage and suspect defense in Baltimore gives Seattle the edge.
Saunders: Seahawks, though the loss of Will Dissly could be a big blow.


Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Asti: Cowboys
Hurley: Eagles
Lippock: Cowboys. Second-best offense in Dallas versus middle of road defense in Philly.
Saunders: Eagles, because no one should have to pick a team coming off a loss to the Jets.


New England Patriots at New York Jets

Asti: Patriots. Death, taxes and the Patriots beating the Jets.
Hurley: Patriots
Lippock: Patriots. Number one defense versus worst-ranked offense.
Saunders: Patriots.

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