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NFL Releases COVID-19 Vaccination Guidelines



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The NFL unveiled new COVID-19 vaccination guidelines in a memo to clubs Tuesday, and is pushing hard for all players, coaches and employees to get their shots.

While the league will not force players or any other club personnel to receive the vaccine, they have instituted strict guidelines for those team employees that choose not to be immunized.

Tier 1 and 2 employees will be expected to receive the vaccine “unless they have a bonafide medical or religious ground” that warrants not getting it. 

Those individuals that decide not to be vaccinated without a legitimate exemption will be barred from “football only” restricted areas and be prevented from working with or in a close proximity to players.

Clubs will also be expected to provide information sessions to players and employees to combat misinformation and skepticism surrounding the vaccines.

Furthermore, clubs have been instructed to make their stadiums or practice facilities available as mass vaccination sites for club personnel, players and their eligible family members.

The league will also relax certain testing, quarantine and accessibility protocols for fully vaccinated individuals.

Lastly, clubs are required to submit a weekly report of the number of employees who have received their vaccinations.