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NFL Salary Cap Spikes to $208.2 Million




The most important factor NFL teams need to be conscious of when putting together their roster each year is the salary cap. If a team can’t fit adding a player under the salary cap, the move can’t happen, at least not without tinkering to the rest of the roster.

As expected, teams will have more wiggle room for this coming season with a significant increase in the salary cap. The NFL announced the cap will rise to $208.2 million. That’s a $25.7 million climb from last season. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the salary cap actually fell from $198.2 in 2020 to only $182.5 for the 2021 NFL year.

While a $25+ million jump is a giant spike in the salary cap and provides more cushion for NFL teams, it’s very possible new TV deals cause the cap to jump to even greater levels in 2023 and beyond.

Pittsburgh currently sits just over $30 million in available cap space. Click here for a full breakdown of the Steelers cap situation and how it will impact the off-season.

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