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NFL to Limit Early Week Team Facility Access in COVID-19 Protocol Updates



The NFL announced updates to their COVID-19 protocols Friday following the recent surge in cases league-wide, including a restriction on facilities access early in the week.

The league will now limit access to team facilities the two days immediately following a game, and will prohibit in-person meetings during these periods.

Restricted access will go into effect on the Monday and Tuesday after a Sunday game. The same applies for the Tuesday and Wednesday following a Monday night game, and so on.

The restrictions will not apply to clubs playing on a short week, such as a Thursday night game following a Sunday game.

Exceptions to the new limitations include players receiving treatment, coaches working independently, free agent tryouts and individuals performing critical facility functions, such as grounds crews, IT specialists, equipments staff and cleaning personnel.

Locker rooms and cafeterias will also be closed. Clubs will be allowed to provide grab-and-go meals to players, but they are not permitted to sit down and eat at the facility.

In addition to the new restrictions, the league lifted its 62-player limit on the number of players permitted to travel or attend games. Each team can now determine for itself how many players they want traveling or attending, but “should carefully consider the risks and benefits in doing so.”

Inactive players on the sideline or elsewhere in the stadium will still be required to wear tracking bracelets and PPE, while maintaining physical distance.