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NFL to Reward Teams that Develop Minority Coaches, Executives



NFL Free Agent

NFL owners passed a resolution to reward organizations that develop minority coaches and executives that go on to become head coaches and general managers elsewhere, league commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday.

Clubs that lose an individual they developed within their organization will be awarded compensatory draft picks in return.

For example, if a club were to lose a minority coach or executive to an open head coaching or general manager job elsewhere around the league, the original club would be granted a third-round compensatory pick for two-straight years.

If a team were to lose candidates to both a head coaching vacancy and a general manager position in the same year, the organization will receive the compensatory third-rounder for three-straight years.

The candidate lost must have been employed by the club for at least two years with no break in employment.

According to the proposal, its intent is to support “development opportunities for minority employees to advance goals of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

NFLPA approval is still required for the proposal to fully go into affect.

The league also announced expansion to the Rooney Rule in May, requiring clubs to interview at least two external minority candidates for head coaching jobs and at least one minority candidate for open coordinator positions.

The NFL had just four minority head coaches and two minority general managers entering the 2020 season, including Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.