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Odds Released on Pittsburgh Hosting 2022 NFL Draft




Just recently, the NFL announced a handful of future locations for the NFL Draft. After hosting the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, TN, the league will look to the bright lights of Las Vegas, NV to host the 2020 NFL Draft. The year following (2021), Cleveland will play host to the freshest batch of collegiate talent, and Kansas City earned the rights to the 2023 NFL Draft.

What about the 2022 NFL Draft? While the true reason for the odd omission for 2022 isn’t precisely clear, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport had the following to say:

“My understanding is what the NFL wants to do is go a little city/big city, and kind of alternate,” Rapoport said. “Obviously Nashville and then Vegas next, they’re basically saving a spot for a bigger city.”

While Pittsburgh only possesses the 62nd highest population for cities in the United States, there’s no denying the city has one of the largest fan bases for football in the country.

“Some of the ones that have been mentioned to me: Boston potentially, with the Patriots hosting, that would be one. Washington, D.C., with the Redskins. Maybe Houston with the Texans, although usually these are reserved for teams that do not host Super Bowls. But figure that 2022 spot is saved for one of the bigger NFL cities” said Rapoport.

While the league continues to search for a host city for the draft, here’s the latest odds on who will host the 2022 NFL Draft:

Boston: 2/1
Washington D.C.: 5/2
Denver: 3/1
Detroit: 4/1
Pittsburgh: 5/1

It appears even oddsmakers are unsure where the draft will be held, although the city of Boston leads the pack as 2/1 favorites. Should Pittsburgh be able to land the bid, the city would benefit greatly from a football and financial standpoint.