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Odds: Steelers Underdogs to Return to Postseason in 2021




The Pittsburgh Steelers are underdogs to make the playoffs after the 2021 season, according to odds released on Thursday.

The Steelers are +145 to make the playoffs, while they’re -175 to miss the postseason. 

Pittsburgh made its first trip to the postseason since 2017 in 2020, losing in the first round to the Cleveland Browns.

But the team’s late-season slide, early playoff exit and the loss of several key free agents has the future looking bleak, according to bookmakers. The Steelers are tied with the 16th-best odds of making the 12-team tournament.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds of making the postseason at -1200, followed by Tampa Bay (-650), Baltimore and Buffalo (-300), Indianapolis (-290), Cleveland (-190), the Los Angeles Rams (-180), San Francisco (-165), Dallas (-160), Tennessee (-140) and Seattle (-130), all of which have better than even odds of playing in the playoffs.

Of teams with worse than even odds, New England (+125), the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami (+135) have better odds the Steelers. Denver has the same +145 odds as Pittsburgh.