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‘Double-Edged Sword’: NFL Approves Making Cutdown Day a One-Day Event



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PHOENIX — The NFL approved a new rule at the owner’s meetings that will make cutdown day in the NFL a one-day event rather than a staggered process.

The rules passed or shot down today varied, but this is one that received hearty support, with only seven teams shooting it down. As such, in one day, teams will shrink from 90 players to 53 players. Previously, it was staggered throughout the training camp and the ramp-up period.

While the argument is that it will offer teams more time to see undrafted free agents and fringe roster players, there are people who see some downsides to it. Mike Tomlin outright said that he did not care what happened here, but the Steelers were one of the teams to vote it down. Omar Khan highlighted the positives and negatives of the move for the NFL.

There are plus and minuses, right? It’s a double-edged sword,” Khan said. “You can look at it as you can get a better look at the guys you have on the roster. Or you know, you have the opportunity to bring other players from the outside and look at them and see if they upgrade your roster. There are a couple of ways to look at it.”

As it stands, that is going to be a drastic change to the flow of the offseason and how the training camp roster works. In addition, teams will now be able to carry deep rosters into the late preseason games. It could aid some players in making the roster if they do not get off to a great start. Meanwhile, we could see a new period of roster turnover where each team brings in new free agents from the outside to try and fully evaluate options and fill up their expanded practice squad once the regular season starts.

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