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Out-of-Town Steelers Fans Might Not Be Able To Watch Monday’s Game vs. Washington



The Pittsburgh Steelers will be facing the Washington Football Team on Monday night, but they won’t be playing on Monday Night Football, and Steelers fans around the country might have a hard time tuning into the game.

The Steelers and Washington were originally scheduled to play at 1 p.m. on Sunday, with the game expected to be broadcast regionally on FOX.

FOX will still be carrying the game, and it will kick off at 5 p.m. on Monday in order to not interfere with ESPN’s exclusive Monday Night Football broadcast window.

But the game will only be broadcast regionally on FOX, and in haphazard fashion. Both team’s local markets and adjacent markets, and almost the entire Northeast quarter of the country will be carrying the game.

Outside of the that, fans will be largely out of luck, outside of some pockets around Dallas, Green Bay, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

Here’s a full coverage map, from 506 Sports.

Steelers fans in the gray areas will have to be customers of NFL Sunday Ticket in order to see the game or find a streaming option.