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PFF Thinks Kenny Pickett Is Primed for Breakout Season



Steelers QB Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett had a promising first year in some aspects and then there were other aspects that left all of those watching with some head-scratching questions about his game moving forward.

Either way, Pickett’s second year will be a massive turning point in the Steelers’ franchise moving forward. They have surrounded him with continuity and a solid supporting cast. As a result, a lot of pressure is going to be placed on him to perform and do so at a high level in his second year.

Well, one outlet is primarily optimistic about Kenny Pickett and his outlook in his second year. When naming possible breakout candidates for all 16 teams in the AFC, there were a few candidates that could fill the Steelers’ box. However, they picked Pickett for many reasons. Some of the stats that they flesh out from his promising second half of the season could signal that Pickett might be ready to take that next step.

“He had a very promising finish to his rookie campaign,” PFF wrote. “His 75.5 overall grade ranked 18th among quarterbacks, and he was among the best at the position during the last seven weeks of the season. In fact, he earned the second-highest PFF passing grade in that time span, behind only Joe Burrow, and ranked second in big-time throw percentage — ahead of the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Burrow. He also posted the lowest turnover-worthy play percentage in the league in that span.”

For Pickett overall, the stat line isn’t flashy. Hey, advanced analytics like EPA could be described as downright ugly. But the tape, demeanor, and consistent improvement he has shown are more than encouraging. Their success riding forward relies upon Pickett hitting and being the answer at quarterback. His second year will be the big year in determining if he is the answer moving forward.