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Pittsburgh Named America’s Best City for Football



Your inner-beliefs have now been confirmed.

A study recently released by WalletHub dubbed the city of Pittsburgh as the best city for football in 2019. The study, compromised of 240 cities across the country, measured each city based off 21 metrics spanning from ticket prices to stadium accessibility. The study measured both college and professional football combined, with the city of Pittsburgh taking home the best professional football score while ranking 13th at the collegiate level.

Pittsburgh has long been considered one of the best havens for football, yet has fallen short of gold on other lists. Emory University released a study in 2018 that claimed Steelers fans as the fifth best fan base in professional football, falling behind the Cowboys, Patriots, Eagles and Giants. In 2014, Bleacher Report released a study ranking the best cities to be a sports fan, ranking Pittsburgh 8th on the list behind the likes of Seattle and St. Louis.

However, if Pittsburgh cannot lay claim to the best fan base in the NFL, ranking as the best football city comes as a close second. Boston, Green Bay, Dallas and New York ranked behind Pittsburgh in that order based off the numerous metrics used.

Per the metrics used in the report, Pittsburgh ranked top five in the following categories: Best performing NFL team, most accessible stadium, and most engaged fans.

Year in and year out, the Steel City produces some of the finest football that can be watched throughout the nation. Embedded in a rich history and tradition of winning, Pittsburgh’s passion, love, and religious following of the sport uphold a belief that can now be verified: Pittsburgh is the best place for football.