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Pittsburgh Named Best City in America for Football Fans



While the news will come as no surprise to Steelers fans, Pittsburgh has been named the best city in America for football fans by WalletHub.

The outlet utilized a number of metrics to form its rankings, such as fan engagement, stadium capacity, ticket prices and team success.

Both professional and college football teams were considered during the exercise. Pittsburgh received also received the No. 1 spot in the Pro Football category individually, and was ranked 13th in the college football category for the Pitt Panthers.

Pittsburgh earned high marks in multiple categories, resulting in its top ranking. The city was tied with Green Bay, Wisconsin at the top of the fan engagement category. Pittsburgh also has the fourth-most accessible stadium out of NFL teams, though Steelers fans attempting to navigate the North Shore on Saturdays and Sundays may disagree.

While St. George, Utah is most likely a fine community, it was named the worst city for football fans.

Check out the full rankings at the link below.