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‘That Was a Bull**** Play’: Myles Garrett Slams Chuks Okorafor for Hit on Anthony Walker



Myles Garrett Chuks Okorafor

Browns superstar edge rusher Myles Garrett was not happy with Steelers right tackle Chuks Okorafor after his block on Browns linebacker Anthony Walker ended his season.

On a shovel play, Okorafor got out in front of the play and hit Walker who was trying to come backside on the play. However, Walker got bent back on the block, which ultimately caused him to suffer a torn quadriceps tendon. After Walker went down, Okorafor went down to make sure Walker stayed down, but it drew the attention of many as a potentially dirty play.

From Okorafor’s perspective, he was just playing football and did not intend any harm. He was not trying to injure Walker and only meant to carry out what he was taught. in fact, Okorafor straight up said he did not know what occurred in the play.

“I don’t know what happened,” Okorafor said. “I was just playing ball.”

However, Garrett did not see it from the same perspective. It was not the initial hit that ticked off Myles Garrett, but rather Okorafor jumping on Walker after he had already blocked him. From Garrett’s perspective, it was egregious and did not need to be done in the context of the play.

“That was a bull**** play.,” Garrett said. “He’s not moving. You don’t jump on the guy. That was a bull**** play.”

Garrett ripped into Okorafor, but even fellow offensive lineman Wyatt Teller believed the play to be over the top. He noted that it looked like Okorafor wanted to inflict extra pain upon Walker instead of just taking the block and running away.

“There’s nasty stuff and then there’s inadvertent stuff and it seemed like that wasn’t exactly inadvertent,” Teller said, “It seemed like he wanted to cause more pain, which is weird. But the NFL will handle that.”

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said he did not see the hit that made the Browns so upset. At most, it is expected that Okorafor could receive a fine, but a suspension seems unlikely. The ruling, if there is to be one, will be delivered late in the week prior to Pittsburgh’s matchup against the New York Jets.

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