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Cory Trice Proving He Could be Steal for Steelers



Steelers CB Cory Trice

PITTSBURGH — If you see Cory Trice around the Steelers facility after any practice, there’s a certain aura that exudes. Part of it is confidence, driven through angst over his draft day drop. The other is seriousness, knowing he is only a seventh-round rookie and has plenty more to learn.

However, his performances have put everyone on notice and teammates are noticing. The more he practices with the team, the higher the stakes go. Yet, Trice has seemingly not backed down from any challenge with the Steelers. Calvin Austin III has seen those two up close and personal throughout the past few weeks, and has been extremely impressed by Trice.

“He’s a big guy, but he’s quick,” Austin said. “When a guy like that is up on the line, it’s tough. He’s a challenge for sure.”

Meanwhile, Trice is making plays on the ball and receivers. He is coming in after expecting to be an early day three pick at the latest after falling to the seventh round. That motivation continues to fuel Trice every day he steps on the field at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex. He has yet to forget about it.

“Every day, I think about that,” Trice said. “I always try to go out here and prove myself, and prove how good I really am. Really just try to contribute to the team. There’s nothing more that fuels me than going out there and proving people wrong.”

There are other cornerbacks that are impressing, including fellow rookie Joey Porter Jr. But Trice still has done more than just about any other rookie to this point in OTAs. The film at Purdue is good, too. If there is a guy that could end up being a steal for this team out of the draft, Trice is a good bet to be that guy.