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Steelers Tabbed as ‘Interesting’ Landing Spot for Dalvin Cook



Steelers Dalvin Cook

Soon-to-be former Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is expected to be released after the team informed him that it would happen on Thursday. However, that usually wouldn’t affect the Steelers since they are not in need of another top running back, but the team has been tied to Cook regardless.

During Speak on FS1, Joy Taylor said that she believes the Steelers could be a fantastic fit for Cook alongside Najee Harris. The explanation for the idea would be that Cook could come in and be the guy alongside Harris, but the team seemingly already has that in Jaylen Warren.

“I think he would be very interesting with the Steelers,” Taylor said. “When I think of the Steelers offensive identity, they always have fast, big wide receivers and a solid running game. Now, they have Najee Harris, but it’s a two-back system anywhere you go now. You don’t really want to wear someone down. So in a 2 running back system, a creative offensive coordinator, you can really utilize someone like Dalvin Cook.”

Regardless, the team has who they want in Warren already there. So, while the team needs a RB3 and could add someone there, it is unlikely and a poor use of remaining resources to add another top running back versus, say an inside linebacker who could help that room a bit.

The first betting odds were released by does not have Pittsburgh listed on the potential list of destinations, and rightfully so. So, while it could be fun to imagine all three in the backfield at once, it simply will not happen. Cook will find a good spot, he’s a great running back at 27 years old, but that is not Pittsburgh who lacks a need for a high-end running back with Harris and the emergence of Warren in 2022.

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