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LOOK: George Pickens Wears Outrageous Fit to Steelers-Patriots



Steelers WR George Pickens

PITTSBURGH — Steelers wide receiver George Pickens sported his signature balaclava mask look to the Steelers’ home opener against the New England Patriots.

Pickens and the balaclava mask became synonymous after the memes of him watching himself get drafted while wearing a balaclava went viral. The nickname ‘NFL Youngboy’ has been adopted by Pickens to describe his style and physical style of play on the football field.

The ‘NFL Youngboy‘ moniker comes from rapper NBA Youngboy, who wears the signature balaclava during concerts, music videos, and more as part of his brand. However, a neon balaclava is a new wrinkle for Pickens, who to this point, had only worn a gray and black balaclava. When asked about the nickname that was given to him shortly after the draft, Pickens shrugged it off, but said he would just go with the flow of the fans.

“The fans kind of gave me that name,” Pickens said. “I don’t really have a problem with it. I’m not like, ‘Oh no, don’t call me that.’ I just kind of go along with the flow.”

Just as important as the off-the-field is Pickens’ on-the-field play, where his blocking has drawn the attention of fans, players, and coaches alike. Pickens believes that aspect of his play grows the aura of who he is both on and off the field as a player.

“That’s literally exactly what I think,” Pickens said. “It’s the way I play on the field, ’cause off the field, I just am chilling. Blocking can really throw a DB off in his game, then we can hit him with a pass.”

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