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Second Year Leap? Mark Robinson Looks to Take Steelers ILB Room by Storm



Steelers ILB Mark Robinson

PITTSBURGH — Mark Robinson is out to make some serious waves in Pittsburgh in his second year. The sophomore season for the inside linebacker got off to a strong start in OTAs after he confirmed he nabbed a pick-six off Kenny Pickett during Tuesday’s practice, but that is just one step in the process of what Robinson hopes to prove this year.

Robinson talked about his growing role with Aaron Curry now the inside linebackers coach. He is learning both spots on the defense but confirmed that he is playing the Buck linebacker role more than the Mack position. For Robinson, that means very little, as he is just trying to make plays whenever he can.

“We learn both spots, so I’m not sure exactly where I’ll play yet,” Robinson said. “I’m playing a bit more at the Buck spot, but I’m not sure what they have planned. Whatever that may be don’t know what they’ve got planned. Whatever play we get, whatever rep we get, whenever we are in there, we are all in there. That is the mindset.”

That mindset is something that Mark Robinson carries with him throughout his game. Once he got a taste of the field last year, he knew he did not want to sit on the bench again this year. However, for the seventh-round pick, this is a dream come true to even be in this spot, and he is treating it as such.

Steelers OTAs LB Mark Robinson

“This is a dream worth living,” Robinson said. “Everything you imagine, everything you dream, it’s there. It’s exactly how I thought it was going to be and more. It’s there.”

So, with the second year now coming into focus, Robinson is not sure just how he has improved, and will not until he gets onto the football field. Regardless, he is taking every single rep as if it is the most valuable rep of his entire career with the veterans around him.

“Any time we get a chance individually, everyone that comes in this locker room knows any time you get a rep on that grass, it’s all gold. I treat it as such, and I plan on continuing to do so,” Robinson said.

Robinson plans to take the next step with his coverage and physicality. Steelers coaches told him to work on his instincts and general consistency over the offseason. If he wants to carve out a role in the defense this season, he will need all of that to aid him to that point.

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