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Steelers QB Controversy: Rudolph, Trubisky Battle in Practice



Mason Rudolph Trubisky

PITTSBURGH — Both Mason Rudolph and Mitch Trubisky took first-team reps at practice on Wednesday as Kenny Pickett remains questionable and in the concussion protocol. While Pickett appeared limited on Wednesday in a good sign, in team drills, Rudolph confirmed that it was a split set of reps between himself and Trubisky. In fact, Rudolph was told before Tuesday’s press conference that there would be a competition if Pickett can not play.

“It was good to get some reps again and split some reps again,” Rudolph said. “That’s how it ended up shaking out (even).”

Without Pickett to work in team, it was Rudolph’s opportunity to shake off some rust. He still does not know if he will start on Sunday if Pickett ends up being inactive, but there is at least a competition. That is all that Rudolph can ask for at this point after being buried on the depth chart.

“The first play call and being back in the huddle with the starting offense was fun and I think shook off the rust relatively quickly,” Rudolph said. “It’s a good day.”

Rudolph mentioned that being inactive on Sundays was a tough process. But he stayed true to himself and fought through it to get this potential opportunity. The reps he had this season were similar to the levels he experienced his rookie year as the third-string quarterback. But there is no indication on what will separate Trubisky from Rudolph in the practice sessions.

“They just said it will be a continual conversation throughout the week,” Rudolph said. “There’s a lot of variables with concussion protocol and things. I’ll wait for the word from the head man.”

Mason Rudolph is looking to make the best with what he has, and if Pickett can not play, he has an opportunity to potentially play on Sunday. His last start against the Lions in 2021 ended in a tie, and Rudolph hopes that he can put some more quality tape on his resume.