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Could Mike Munchak Return to the Steelers?



Mike Munchak

Mike Munchak left coaching in 2021 after leaving the Denver Broncos as offensive line coach, but that doesn’t mean that the former Steelers offensive line coach is not missing the coaching field and desiring a return.

Munchak joined The Cook and Joe Show on Saturday and was asked about his future in coaching and if he still wants to pursue it. He cut no corners, stating that he misses coaching and would love a return to the field if offered by a team despite being out of the game for over a year. Munchak, who is helping out at the Joe Moore Camp for offensive linemen, is using the camp as a conduit to satisfy his need to get back into coaching.

“Yeah, I miss it,” Munchak said. “That’s why the camps, working with kids, the teaching parts, it’s why I do things like this. You know, I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and I can pass that on to the players. I definitely have interest if the right opportunity comes up now that I have these things behind me to get back in coaching.”

The Steelers do not need an offensive line coach if last year is anything to go by at this point. Pat Meyer is doing a fantastic job up front and the team progressed about as well as any offensive line from start to finish in football. However, does that mean they would pass on a special offensive assistant position for Munchak?

I find that to be a particularly intriguing addition for Mike Tomlin given the fact that Mike Munchak knows the Steelers culture and is a former head coach. In other words, think of it as a senior offensive assistant much like the same way Teryl Austin and Brian Flores acted when that was their job on the defensive side of the football.

The interest for Munchak to return to football should be there, and maybe he simply wants to be an offensive line coach, in which case, the Steelers will not be in the mix. But if there are some creative ways to add a quality coach to the staff, it could make plenty of sense.

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