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Minkah Fitzpatrick Not Rated as a Top 10 Safety in Madden 23



Minkah Fitzpatrick Madden 23

Madden 23 has dropped their safeties rankings, and Minkah Fitzpatrick is not in the top ten highest-rated safeties. Fitzpatrick is rated an 89 overall for the second straight year after he was rated an 89 overall in Madden 22 as well. Here is the list of names that are ranked above Fitzpatrick in the game:

Singling out ratings in a video game is largely meaningless and perhaps petty at best. Though, this is now two years in a row where Fitzpatrick has been slighted in the rankings. The two-time All-Pro selection was miscast last year largely away from his free safety role. Instead, he became the last line of defense. Fitzpatrick’s body took a beating as he set a franchise record for most tackles by a defensive back in a season with 124 tackles.

The start of the season was a little rocky. As the season went on, Fitzpatrick bailed the Steelers out more and more. His final 10 games were fantastic. His two-time All-Pro status, along with 13 interceptions and 36 pass deflections since coming into the NFL are impressive.

This rating sticks out like a sore thumb for a few reasons. For one, Fitzpatrick is the highest-paid safety in the NFL. Those rated above him, such as Jamal Adams, Harrison Smith, Justin Simmons, and Budda Baker all are paid more than $14 million year over year. Even still, Fitzpatrick reset the market over those lucrative deals. Madden 23 does largely ignore this fact, however. Fitzpatrick’s paid over $18 million a year as the highest paid safety for a reason. He is a game-changing center field safety that dictates what teams can do against the Steelers and what the Steelers can do, too.

A player with that type of impact should be rated higher than this. While the impact of Madden 23 ratings is marginal, there is a duty to try to get those ratings as accurate as possible. Rating Fitzpatrick outside the Top-10 highest-rated safeties makes little sense given his on-the-field impact and what the trail of leaguewide thought on him is overall.

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