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Top 3 Needs the Steelers Still Need to Address



Steelers Mike Tomlin

The Steelers and Omar Khan have been hard at work on the market since the end of the season, but that does not mean that the team is perfect as it stands right now. In fact, there are still some issues that the team could look at from afar and try to fix. However, what are some of the needs they could still look to fix?

Inside Linebacker

This is the most obvious hole on the roster to me. It’s not because the Steelers have not tried to address it, either. They have brought in Cole Holcomb, Elandon Roberts, and Tanner Muse in the offseason. Recently, Mark Robinson has started to pop a little bit in OTAs, too. However, there is something lacking in a few departments at the position. The team only has five inside linebackers proper. Maybe, Nick Herbig could be counted there to make six, but it still feels a little shallow for a true competition at the spot.

Then, there is absolutely a coverage deficit at the position. There is no obvious dime linebacker in this group. That does not really maximize anyone’s strengths. Roberts is a good two-down run stopper, Holcomb is a solid three-down linebacker who can be a nickel linebacker, but there is no subpackage linebacker yet that rings out. Last month, I suggested the team could look to add Deion Jones as a coverage specialist only on late downs. There is still a lot of intrigue in the idea of adding a specialist like Kwon Alexander.

Omar Khan seems to recognize that, too, with the Alexander visit. Do not be surprised if the Steelers decide to make a move at inside linebacker before the season. It feels like something has to give at that position before the team reports to training camp in Latrobe.

Backup Center

This is another move that I don’t hate for the Steelers. Kendrick Green might be the front-runner to be backup center if Mason Cole was hurt. They have some other guys who have center experience but it is not their main spot like James Daniels, Spencer Anderson, and Nate Herbig. Meanwhile, Ryan McCollum is still on the roster and in that battle, too. I’m unsure of what the plan would be if Cole went down right now, but I have to feel there could be more security here that Pittsburgh looks for at some point in the offseason.

For the most part, the offensive line depth is rather solid. There is just not someone they can fully trust at that backup center spot just yet. Look for Pittsburgh to potentially make a move there to add another guy to the 90-man roster for competition purposes.


Last but not least, that third running back spot is still a question mark for the team. There has a competition going on there between Anthony McFarland, Jason Huntley, and Alfonzo Graham, and all three of those guys are distinctly different from Jaylen Warren and Anthony McFarland. In addition, they all bring value to the return game. However, the team is still a little light on special teams contributors and that could mean a move (Benny Snell?) could be on the horizon.

Regardless, this is a mostly minuscule need. If the team wants to make a move, they can. But I don’t feel like this need or backup center is as big a need as an inside linebacker for the team as it stands here today.