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Steelers Analysis

New Stat Highlights Steelers Promising Rushing Offense



Steelers Najee Harris carries the ball as the Steelers played against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. (Mitchell Northam / Steelers Now)

The Steelers offense is not one that will wow most people at first glance. Its players are still young and promising, but their production in recent seasons has been subpar at best. However, if there is one thing to hat its on over the past few seasons, it would be the renaissance the team’s rushing offense experienced in the second half of last season.

Matt Canada has been at the basis for much criticism. But let’s be real here, he deserves credit for his team drastically turning around the rushing attack. It might not just be a second half thing, though. When the Steelers rushing attack is taken over the course of a full season, one key stat paints just how effective they were and why they finished 7-2 in their final 9 contests.

The team ranked 3rd in the NFL in EPA per carry last year. Yes, that means that the team was one of the best rushing teams in the NFL on an efficiency basis per rush. That’s a revelation to most people. It didn’t lead to that many points throughout the season. Other metrics paint that picture, and do so in a crystal clear manner. They ran a lot of plays, but didn’t have good redzone efficiency on the ground or through the air.

But truth be told, the rushing offense was actually quite good for a good portion of the season. That stat proves it, and after the bye, they were in the top of the league in most efficiency stats below only the Eagles. With more beef up front, the team should see this rushing offense be the crux of the offense. They have to be efficient and break a few explosive plays to reach a floor that sustains the team at a level to where they can compete with most teams in the AFC.