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Steelers Extra: Offense More Aggressive, Is It Enough? (+)



Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky

CLEVELAND — The Steelers took a tumble on Thursday along the shores of Lake Erie as Pittsburgh lost to the Cleveland Browns. As the offense started out hot, they cooled down just as much in the second half. The Steelers’ offense in the second half registered only three points and gained a total of 111 yards in the half compared to over double that in the first half. Simply put, something changed in that second half, right?

It sure did. The Steelers have played mostly single-high coverages this year in the first two games, but they came out against the Browns seeing far more quarter-quarter-half than they thought they would. Otherwise known as Cover 6, the quarter-quarter-half is exactly how it is drawn up. One side of the coverage plays traditional quarters coverage, and the other half plays it like it is Cover 2 man. However, it is a two-high shell, leaving it open and susceptible to the run.

Trubisky saw that as a credible option for success in the first half. The Steelers then went back to seeing more single-high as the Browns mixed up their coverages throughout the game. That was part of what stumped them moving forward in the game. Trubisky thinks they have to crack that code.

“We a saw mix,” Trubisky said. “They play a lot of quarter-quarter-half, Tampa 2, two-high looks. That’s why we ran the ball well in the first half because they came out with two safeties… we tried to be pretty balanced. They did a good job of mixing it up in the second half. Those guys play a lot of both, but we have to execute better.”

The Steelers need to figure out the way to crack that code. Trubisky called for more consistency, especially in the second half. He did not feel that there were enough plays made by himself and others throughout the entirety of the game. If the Steelers want to take that next leap offensively, he believes it will be found in that consistency and the level of it in the offense.

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