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Steelers Hilariously Predict Which Teammate Likes Taylor Swift




Taylor Swift stops in Pittsburgh June 17, 2023, as part of her Eras Tour –– and the Steelers are hyped about it.

Well, they’re sorta hyped about it.

… OK, very few Steelers marked their calendar to see Swift perform at Acrisure Stadium. But that doesn’t mean they’re not excited to attend the show.

“Probably a 10 [on the excitement scale]. Super ecstatic,” Mitch Trubisky said with maybe only a little sarcasm involved. “I’m going to try to see if I can get some tickets.

“Hopefully I’m in there, front row, having a great time. I can’t wait. I mean, who doesn’t like T-Swift? I think everybody in here would want to go to that concert for sure.”

Offensive lineman Chukwuma Okorafor shared Trubisky’s enthusiasm.

“Oh ho ho! Whoa! No way,” Okorafor said when I told him about Swift’s Steel City stop. “I mean, I don’t know what date it is but I will for sure try to be there … I kind of like to try new things.”

Not every Steelers player was feeling Swift, though.

I asked around 10 players about Swift’s stop, having a ton of laughs in the process. One player, however, wasn’t smiling.

At all.

“What are you going to ask about?” Najee Harris asked me as I approached his locker.

“Zero percent football talk. Promise. It’s something stupid and fun,” I replied.

“What is it?”

“Taylor Swift.”

Harris glares into my soul.

“Man, what would I say about Taylor Swift? I’m good.”

“C’mon, you wear No. 22 and her mega hit is Feeling 22. It makes sense.”

Harris turns back into his locker.

That’s that, I suppose. Sorry, Najee.

To be fair to him, it’s a really dumb proposition. But the team is 2-6 and entering its bye week. Negativity surrounds the Steelers at every turn. Fans and media alike are asking for coaches’ and players’ jobs. Every radio show wants to know who’s leaving town next.

I think a little fun is OK right now.

No. 22 aside, the Steelers did seem to enjoy this bye-week discussion.

Personally, my favorite part came when I asked them which teammate they thought liked Swift.

Who blasts Shake it Off with the windows down?

The Steelers shared their thoughts here:

Good times.

Tight end Zach Gentry was picked frequently by players, but unfortunately, he left the locker room before I could speak with him.

The other top choice, center Mason Cole, was there, though.

And man did he have fun with this.

“That’s just –– no way. That’s not true,” Cole said when I told him his teammates were picking him as the honorary Steelers Swiftie. “It’s not true!”

The video doesn’t lie, unfortunately, Mr. Cole.

One player who picked Cole that didn’t make the cut of the video, Trubisky, particularly surprised Cole.

“Mitch?! That’s [Taylor Swift is] like the first girl on his playlist,” Cole said.

Trubisky didn’t deny that, of course. But the fact remains Cole was the more popular choice among players.

So is Cole actually a Swift fan?

Bad news on that front.

“I honestly can’t say I listen to her music a bunch, but I know who she is,” Cole said. “It depends. Maybe old Taylor Swift. I don’t know any of the new Taylor Swift. I’m not a fan of like [modern poppy country]. I’m not, like, a huge fan. It’s good though. Good for her. She’s had a lot of success.”

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