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Poll: Should T.J. Watt Practice This Week Without New Contract?



Now that game week is finally here, Steelers fans are left with mixed emotions. They are forced to add some concern to excitement about the start of another season. This concern is due to the fact the anchor of the defense linebacker T.J. Watt is still without a contract extension.

While team president Art Rooney II made it clear extending Watt was his top priority before long training camp even got underway, it’s something that has just not happened yet. Watt has also not practiced in over a month waiting to sign a new deal, one worthy of a player who finished second for the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award last year.

Even though it’s not uncommon for an NFL player to sit out of practice and preseason games while looking for a new contract, the question now becomes – should Watt practice even without having signed a new deal leading up his team’s big Week 1 game in Buffalo? If he doesn’t practice at all, how effective will he even be able to be in a game against a team picked by some to contend for the Super Bowl and in a tough place to play?

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