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Poll: Should the NFL Change its Overtime Rules?



Ray-Ray McCloud

PITTSBURGH – Every overtime game leads to the same question – should the NFL change their overtime rules? This is especially going to be a debate after a tie.

While neither the Steelers or Lions left Sunday a loser, neither team left a winner either. Pittsburgh rookie running back Najee Harris actually said he didn’t even know ties were possible in the NFL and that he had to be told the game was actually over.

“Yeah, this is my first time (in a tie),” Harris said. “I didn’t even know you could tie in the NFL. In my mind, I was sitting there ready with another quarter to go. However, someone came up to me and said ‘that’s it’. So, that’s new. I’ve never had a tie before.”

Should ties exist in the NFL?

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Obviously the NFL doesn’t want teams to play forever, but are ties a reasonable solution to concluding a game? When it comes to the NFL’s overtime rules, the focus isn’t even just on if ties should exist. A coin toss can no longer decide things since both teams do get a chance with the football now, which hasn’t always been the case, but should the NFL look to college football and adjust their rules to ensure they get a winner?

Should the NFL change its overtime rules?

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