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Power Rankings: Steelers Training Camp Standouts



Jaylen Warren Steelers Training Camp

UNITY TWP., Pa. — The Pittsburgh Steelers are nearing the final days of the 2022 training camp from St. Vincent College. Every year, some players got to Latrobe with one set of expectations, only to show a lot more during the long days of camp.

This year, which Steelers players have impressed the most?

Alan Saunders, Nick Farabaugh, and Cale Berger broke down the Steelers that have most exceeded their expectations. Our power rankings were compiled with each first-place vote getting 10 points and so on and so forth.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Steelers Training Camp Power Rankings

George Pickens

There is no denying Pickens has been the unquestioned star of Steelers training camp. He might be the overarching star of camps league-wide. Although he has played just one preseason game, Pickens already appears to have the makings of a star. Whether it’s precise route running, combat catches or sure hands, Pickens has consistently beaten Steelers defensive backs, and already made 31 other teams regret not selecting him themselves. If training camp and his first preseason action is any indication, Pickens will be Pittsburgh’s next star wideout.

Jaylen Warren

Warren has simply been outstanding for all of training camp. It has not just been the running or the contact balance. There is a noticeable toughness that Warren carries with him that makes him fun to watch. It carries over into the live periods, but especially in pass protection. Warren is far more adept in pass protection than one would think. As a receiver, he has soft hands and can win in a variety of ways out of multiple alignments. If Pickens was not the star of camp, Warren would be. He’s been the truth.

Kenny Pickett

After a shaking start to his first NFL training camp, Pickett has had a quick ascension, a rise which culminated with his impressive showing in Saturday’s preseason opener. Not only has Pickett continued familiarize himself with the offense and speed of the NFL game, but he also also displayed the expected decisiveness and mobility, traits that made a first-round pick out of Pitt last April. Pickett will continue to impress as the quantity and talent associated with his reps increase. The Steelers should be pleased that their future franchise quarterback is progressing as planned.

Gunner Olszewski

When the Steelers signed Olszewski, I looked at his stats from New England and decided that if the Patriots, who essentially fetishize small, shifty slot receivers, didn’t use him much as a receiver, then he wasn’t very good. I think I (and they) were wrong. Olszewski has been a key performer for the Steelers throughout the summer as a receiver and has established himself as an All-Pro returner. I thought Olszewski would make the roster all along, but I now expect him to be used a good deal on the offense.

(Tie) Connor Heyward

Heyward is not the player a lot of people thought he is. Whether he plays tight end, H-back or fullback, he’s a receiver and a finesse player, not a blocker and tough guy, despite his size. But I didn’t realize just how good the big man’s hands are. Heyward catches everything, jumps surprisingly well for a guy his size, and that combination makes it easy to see why Matt Canada liked him so much.

(Tie) Myles Jack

Jack has gone under the radar, but every practice, it seems that Jack is making some big play. He has knifed into the backfield multiple times for impressive plays during the team run periods. In coverage drills, it has been all about Jack playing at a high level there. He is the best coverage linebacker on this team. The Steelers do not have a lot to work with there at inside linebacker, but Jack should be very good for them.

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