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Radio Host Says Justin Fields Can’t Carry Russell Wilson’s Jock Strap



Pittsburgh Steelers QB Russell Wilson Justin Fields
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields at OTAs on June 4, 2024. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

New York City radio host Craig Carton has stated several times this offseason that Russell Wilson is the clear-cut starter in Pittsburgh.

Carton doesn’t have a very high opinion of Justin Fields. He even declared that Fields can’t carry Wilson’s jock strap as an NFL quarterback.

“[Russell Wilson] is basically there for free because Denver is paying him all the money, and he is the veteran quarterback with success on his resume. Justin Fields can’t carry his jock strap right now as an NFL quarterback. He’s younger, he’s faster, he’s more athletic, yes, yes, yes, but he’s not as good of a quarterback as Russell Wilson,” Carton said on the Craig Carton Show.

Since he’s 10 years younger, Fields has more upside than Wilson. But Carton is right that Fields hasn’t displayed much as an NFL quarterback. His tenure with the Bears was a mess, but the instability in the Bears organization could have played a part in that.

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Russell Wilson Justin Fields

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields at OTAs on June 4, 2024. — Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Former New York Jets and Miami Dolphins general manager Mike Tannenbaum thinks Mike Tomlin should be rooting for Justin Fields to supplant Russell Wilson as the Steelers’ starting quarterback..

“I think you have to declare who your quarterback is and move forward… If I’m Justin Fields, I am dying to win this job, because if I do, it just changes the trajectory of my career. Look, Russell Wilson deserves a ton of credit. He obviously loves football, but he’s much closer to the end, and if Mike Tomlin was telling the obvious truth, of course they’re going to root for Justin Fields because of his age. If they hit on him, they have their quarterback for the next decade,” Tannenbaum said on ESPN’s Get Up, via

Tomlin has repeatedly stated this offseason that Wilson is in “pole position” to be the starter, but Fields will be given a fair opportunity in training camp and the preseason for the starting position.

Fields made it clear that he doesn’t plan on riding the bench all year. He’s going to give Wilson a run for his money.

“I definitely don’t have the mindset of me just sitting all year. I’m coming in here every day giving it all I got and pushing him to be his best, and he’s pushing me to be my best every single day,” he said at the first day of OTAs.



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Jesus Christani
Jesus Christani
June 8, 2024 1:11 pm

Terry Bradshaw was a dumb, country boy… He couldn’t, possibly, be a starting NFL QB… For cryin’ out loud, he couldn’t even spell the word, “cat,” if you spotted him the letters C and T…

Four-time Super Bowl Champion, long-time CBS and Fox NFL analyst and co-host…

Moral of his story: Be patient, keep workin’ and keep receipts…

Justin will win Super Bowls with The Pittsburgh Steelers, too… even though he can’t carry a jock strap…


Last edited 11 days ago by Jesus Christani
Ellwood Davis
Ellwood Davis
June 9, 2024 8:39 am

Spending a year as the backup to Russell Wilson is the learning experience that Justin Fields needs to become what he needs to be as a starting QB for the Steelers