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Rams Coach Sean McVay ‘Grateful’ for Steelers’ Mike Tomlin



Sean McVay

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay spoke positively about his relationship with Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin in a press conference before Super Bowl LVI.

“Mike [Tomlin] is one of the more impressive people I’ve ever met,” McVay said. “He’s been great to me. I couldn’t be more grateful really.”

McVay has served as Rams head coach since 2017 and if he wins the Super Bowl Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, he will become the youngest head coach in NFL history to win it. McVay is 36 years old and 20 days and will eclipse Tomlin’s 36 years and 323 days of age when he won Super bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals in 2009. He had a chance to beat Tomlin’s record in 2019 when he was 33, but lost to the New England Patriots, 13-3, in Super Bowl LIII.

McVay says that he got to know Tomlin through different functions as a head coach, but mainly through Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, who has a close relationship with Tomlin.

“But I think one of the things that’s been great about Mike is that he is so willing to share,” McVay said. “Really kind of put his arm around you and really help kind of be a mentor and answer any questions that you have. His leadership, his command, his mental toughness, how that relates to the way his teams play. The way they respond from the good and the bad. I think that he is one of the best leaders this sport has to offer. Really sports in general. I’m so impressed.”

McVay also commented on Tomlin’s leadership ability in how he is able to balance that with also his humbleness as a person.

“Anytime that you’re in a room with Mike Tomlin, you always know that he is in that room,” McVay said. “He’s got such a great presence but also a humility and it’s a fine line in how you balance that and Mike is a great example for all leaders as far as how you are demanding but uplifting of your players. How you’re so steady and so mentally tough in those moments when your team needs it the most.”

McVay finished his thoughts on Tomlin by complimenting the consistency he has sustained over the course of his career with the Steelers and before that with the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Buy Buccaneers. Tomlin set the NFL record this season by clinching his 18th consecutive non-losing season as head coach.

“This guy’s a stud in every sense of the word and very grateful for the mentorships and the friendship that he’s provided me since I’ve got to know him pretty well over the last few years,” McVay said.

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