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Ravens, Eagles Propose Changes to Overtime



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The Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles have each proposed rule changes to overtime that will be voted on by the NFL owners during their May meetings.

The first change, put forth by both Baltimore and Philadelphia, would eliminate the kickoff at the start of overtime, instead giving the team that wins the coin toss the option to place the ball at any spot on the field. The other team would then have their choice of starting overtime on offense or defense.

The overtime period will still last ten minutes and end with the first score.

Baltimore took the proposal a step further in a separate pitch, while still including all of the previously mentioned elements.

The Ravens want the overtime period shortened to seven minutes and 30 seconds, but the period will be played in full, eliminating sudden death entirely. The team that leads after the time has expired is the winner, which is very similar to extra time in soccer.

Rule change proposals require approval by 75% or 24 owners to be passed.

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