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Roger Goodell, Dr. Allen Sills Discuss Steelers-Ravens, Postseason Bubble



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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills discussed a number of topics on a conference call with the media Wednesday, including Steelers-Ravens and the possibility of postseason bubbles for the NFL Playoffs.

With regards to the Ravens outbreak that caused their game with the Steelers to be rescheduled three times, Goodell told reporters that the league intended to postpone the game until the outbreak was deemed contained, which they believe took until Wednesday to be the case.

Supporting the league’s claim that the spread is under control, Dr. Sills added that they are confident there is “no active infection” amongst Ravens players and staff at Heinz Field today.

As for the NFL Playoffs, Goodell said that the league is “considering a number of alternatives” to their traditional postseason format, including a variety of potential bubble formats.

When asked specifically about those bubbles, Goodell assured that league feels their protocols are working successfully, and apparently dismissed the idea of an NBA-style bubble in a single location.

Instead each team would likely have their own individual bubbles in hotels, significantly further limiting outside contacts with players and staff.

Lastly, Dr. Sills affirmed that the league will not “cut the line” for a future COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. The first available vaccines will likely be designated strictly for front line workers and high-risk groups.