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Sean McVay Praises T.J. Watt, Calls Him a Freak



Pittsburgh Steelers OLB T.J. Watt

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt has established himself as a generational player. At his current pace, he’s a shoo-in to join his brother J.J. in the Pro Football Hall of Fame someday.

Hall of Fame players have a profound impact on the game, and T.J. Watt certainly is a menace for opposing teams to game plan for.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay recently revealed on the Green Lights Podcast with former NFL defensive end Chris Long that Watt made the Rams change their entire game plan in Week 7 last year. McVay simply described Watt as a freak.

“He is a freak. You know, and I think when you look at it too, like Alex [Highsmith] is a legit dude on the other side of him that doesn’t get enough credit, but you’re right on Watt,” McVay told Long. “I mean, we basically altered our whole plan to affect T.J. this last year.

“And then the one time he drops into coverage, he picks off an underneath route and takes it back to inside the five. I’m like, ‘You gotta be shitting me.’ He finds ways to affect the game.”

Watt’s interception occurred on the first play from scrimmage in the second half. Three plays later, Kenny Pickett rushed for a 1-yard touchdown to give the Steelers a 10-9 lead over Los Angeles. It was the only turnover in the game for both teams, and the Steelers beat the Rams, 24-17. Watt’s interception was basically the difference.

Despite having a ton of individual accomplishments, Watt is 0-3 in playoff games with the Steelers. Not having a playoff win is something that troubles the 2021 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He finds it to be flat-out embarrassing.

“For me, it is all about no playoff wins,” Watt told Mark Kaboly of The Athletic. “I am trying to do anything I can do. We have so much turnover year to year and so many new guys that it is trying to learn as much as possible coming from guys from other organizations that have done it and won championships since being in the league.

“I am going to do whatever is possible to win. It is about not taking any day for granted, and when it comes down to executing and working, putting everything aside and getting it done.”