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Steelers Committed to Working Through Issues with Punter Pressley Harvin III



It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Steelers rookie punter Pressley Harvin III.

He received some tragic news about the health of his father, and had a rough night against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. But one thing that he doesn’t have to worry about is his job security.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday that the team is committed to Harvin and will help him work through the on- and off-the-field issues that he’s been having.

“There’s going to be some ups and downs during the course of the journey,” Tomlin said. “I have the perspective of being in the job that I’ve been in a long time and have an understanding relative to that, and so we’re committed to him and his talents. We’ll keep sending him out there. We expect him to work his way through it, and we’ll expect him to smile in the face of adversity that his rookie season is presenting to him and grow from it.”

Tomlin also noted that Harvin is one of a number of Steelers rookies making the transition from a 12-game college regular season to a 17-game NFL season.

“We’re going into game 14 or so, this guy hadn’t played 14 games at Georgia Tech, so he’s facing the challenges that most rookies face that are significant contributors from wire to wire like he is,” Tomlin said.

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