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Romantic Study: Steelers Fans Least Likely to Date Dallas Cowboys Fans



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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. But not for everyone, depending on their football fandom, according to a study by

The study took 50 fans of each NFL team and asked them whether they would or would not engage with a romantic relationship with a fan of each other team.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are least likely to date Dallas Cowboys fans, with 12% saying that they would not date a Cowboys fan. Three teams tied for second at 8%, two AFC East opponents in the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills and also, AFC North divisional rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Another AFC North rival finished in fifth place at 6%, the Cincinnati Bengals. Surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns did not crack Steelers fans’ swipe left list.

Cowboys fans also had the most teams whose fans were least likely to date them, which includes NFC East divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers.

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Steelers fans were the least likely for three NFL teams’ fanbases to date, like AFC North rivals Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns and also, surprisingly, the New Orleans Saints. Bengals had the highest percentage of fans least likely to date Steelers fans at 26%, Browns were in second at 20% and the Saints in third with 14%.

The Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders fanbases had the Steelers fanbase tied for first as the least likely to date. The Ravens had the Steelers tied with the Patriots at 14% and the Raiders had the Steelers tied with the Minnesota Vikings at 18%

Other teams that had Steelers fans in their top five least likely fanbase to date were the Indianapolis Colts who had the Steelers at second at 12% and the Vikings who had the Steelers at fourth place at 8%.

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