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Steelers Fans Ranked among NFL’s Biggest Complainers



Sports fans are passionate. Football fans are really passionate. And nothing shows the passion of football fans more than when they feel their team is being screwed over for any reason. decided to rank which NFL fan base they feel displays that passion in the form of complaining the most. And while Steelers fans like seeing their team at the top of the standings, they may not appreciate how high up they rank on this list. Steelers fans are ranked 4th among all NFL fans. Only Eagles fans, Patriots fans and Cowboys fans, who claim the number one ranking honor, are ahead of Steelers Nation.

While Pittsburgh fans are often considered among the most loyal and dedicated in all of sports, feels they tend to blame the referees too much. Each team was designated a reason for their ranking and “complain about referees” was used for Steelers fans. This was not the case for every team though, as New York Jets fans, ranked right below Pittsburgh fans in the 5 spot, are there due to complaining about a coach and coaching.

To keep it fair, didn’t just focus on the fans. They also ranked the quarterbacks and coaches they view as the biggest complainers. And for something many Steelers fans may agree with, the league’s ultimate winner Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is number one in this too. Brady’s former head coach and a man also used to winning in Bill Belichick takes home the trophy among coaches.

Disclaimer: This is not an official ranking and just the opinion of a website. Please don’t take it too personally.

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