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Steelers Free Agency: Buccaneers to Release OT Donovan Smith



Donovan Smith

The Buccaneers are expected to cut tackle Donovan Smith, which will shuffle their offenisve line moving forward, but puts a strong tackle into the potential pool for a Steelers free agency class, according to Pewter Report.

Smith was drafted in the second round of the 2015 draft by the Buccaneers, and he is now expected to be departing from Tampa Bay after starting 124 games since his arrival with the Buccaneers. Most of those games were at left tackle, and he should be a hot commodity on the open market with plenty of experience to boot for it.

Smith joins other notable players like Bobby Wagner who have been released as cap casualites begin to make the free agency class somewhat stronger on some boards. The Steelers do have Dan Moore who is proving himself as a capable starter in the league at left tackle. Smith has more experience, but is he a clear upgrade for what is likely to be quite the hefty price?

It could just end up with the Steelers looking to the draft for this position. The Steelers free agency plans are likely to include many defensive players with a potential addition at wide receiver. However, offensive line was addressed heavily last year and it could be held for the most part as standard heading into 2023. As of now, Smith seems unlikely to land in Pittsburgh given the true nature of his deal will likely be quite expensive.