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Steelers Made Over $500 Million in Revenue in 2022-2023 Season



Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Art Rooney II Acrisure Stadium Arthur Smith

With massive new media deals and sports betting revenue skyrocketing, each team in the NFL took home more than $400 million in media and sponsorship revenue from the NFL in the 2022-2023 season, according Niccolo Conte of Visual Capitalist. The data was from Forbes and compiled by JP Morgan Asset Management.

Overall, the league generated over $20 billion in revenue in the 2022-2023 season. The Pittsburgh Steelers earned $548 million in revenue, the 15th-most among NFL teams. The Steelers are valued at $4.6 billion and have a 5% five-year revenue growth.

The Steelers had the highest revenue among AFC North teams. The Cleveland Browns generated $545 million (17th-most), while the Baltimore Ravens recorded $544 million (20th-most). The Cincinnati Bengals ranked second-last in the league, with $498 million in revenue, ahead of just the Detroit Lions ($495 million).

The Dallas Cowboys generated the most revenue at $1.1 billion, by far the most in the NFL. The Las Vegas Raiders were second at $7.29 million. Thanks to Jerry Jones’ marketing strategies, the Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the world at $9 billion.

The figures haven’t been released for the most recent season, but the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift effect should bolster the Chiefs’ numbers. According to Conte, a separate report showed that the Chiefs contributed $993.2 million to the Kansas City region in 2023.

In NFL terms, Steelers owner Art Rooney II is on the “low end” among NFL owners. Rooney was recently ranked the 30th-richest NFL owner in the league by the 33rd Team. Rooney is ahead of only Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown. The Green Bay Packers are ranked 32nd, but they’re the only team that doesn’t have a traditional “owner.” The Packers  allowing fans to purchase shares of the team through stock.

Like the Steelers the Packers are an icon NFL franchise. Green Bay recorded $577 million in revenue, which ranked 10th-most. Given the market size of Green Bay, that’s incredible. The market size of Pittsburgh is not that big either, so ranking 15th in revenue is rather impressive for the Steelers.