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Steelers Move into 2nd Place in AFC North



The Steelers moved into second place in the AFC North on Sunday without lifting a finger, as the Cleveland Browns helped elevate Pittsburgh with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Baker Mayfield and company bounced back from their loss to the Steelers the previous week and several days of turmoil over the future of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to knock off Cincinnati, 41-16.

The Browns and Bengals are now tied at 5-4, with just percentage points keeping the 4-3 Steelers ahead of them at this juncture. The head-to-head win gives the Browns the tie-breaker for third place at the moment.

Pittsburgh will have to beat the Chicago Bears on Monday night in order to maintain its place in the The Steelers are the only AFC North club to have taken their bye thus far.

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Minnesota Vikings 34-31 in overtime to extend their division lead.


Baltimore Ravens 6-2 (0-1)
Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3 (1-1)
Cleveland Browns 5-4 (1-1)
Cincinnati Bengals 5-4 (2-1)