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2022 NFL Draft

Steelers Open to Trading Up or Down in 2022 NFL Draft



PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers will be exploring all possibilities of trading up and trading down in the 2022 NFL Draft.

During the pre-draft press conference held on Monday at Heinz Field, the Steelers touched on what they might do potentially. For Kevin Colbert and his staff, it appears all the possibilities are open.

While the Steelers certainly do not have to move up the board if they do not wish, it feels as if they are exploring that option heavily. Colbert noted that the Steelers have made sure to call all the teams they could possibly call to break down the value of where they could trade up or trade down. It is a thorough process that they are feeling even more comfortable with doing given the preparation they have done in the process.

“When we go into it, we will have touched base with every team below us and above us,” Colbert said. “We’ll know, ‘Hey, they’re interested in moving up,’ or ‘Hey, they’re interested in coming out,’ from where they are. We’ll guesstimate what’ll cost to move from 20 to 7 and from 20 back down to 32. You’re always making those assessments. We can always go back and say what we gave up for Troy, a three and six is more than what we gave up to move up for a Santonio with a three and four. In both of those endeavors, they helped us win a Super Bowl. That’s why we will never lock ourselves into a spot. They’ve got the draft charts with the numbers and it’s a good deal or not a good deal. I think you can only determine that after the fact.”

It appears that the Steelers are working out everything they possibly can in regards to potentially moving up and down the board. However, the biggest question is if that will be for a quarterback. History says that the Steelers will move up for a wide receiver, safety, and inside linebacker. So, it stands to reason to expect them to potentially hop up the board for a quarterback. There are plenty of factors to consider for Colbert and company, however.

“I never want to trade to a specific spot without knowing a specific player will be there,” Colbert said. “Or if you go back to Casey Hampton when we traded back, we traded back three spots. We had three people, Casey included, who were at the top of those three, who we would’ve felt good about. So, we are always making those decisions. It’s never black and white.”

It appears that while the Steelers are exploring trading up or trading down, they are going to be feeling out that process over the next few days. The pro personnel guys for Pittsburgh will be finishing up their calls to other teams to potentially move up or down the board in the next few days.

“The trade up or trade down, we’re always open to both,” Colbert said. “Our pro guys will be doing those calls and finishing those calls by tomorrow. It’s just so we have an idea about who may be partners in that type of endeavor.”

It certainly sounds like the Steelers are at least exploring moving up. However, they likely do this every draft process to potentially go get the guy they want. This could be for a quarterback, but it also could be for a special defensive talent falling like Kyle Hamilton, Derek Stingley, or Jordan Davis. They seem to be setting up for the best player available pick, whether that may be a quarterback or someone else.