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Steelers Partner with Wine Company for Custom Bottles



The Pittsburgh Steelers are partnering with Mano’s Wine to release wine bottles with the Steelers’ steelmark-inspired logo, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Mano’s Wine is a Kansas City-based company that specializes in creating etched and painted wine bottles for major sports brands, including MLB, MLS and other NFL teams.

“We’re very excited to work with Mano’s Wine to introduce the first ever Steelers themed wines” Steelers vide president of sales and marketing Ryan Huzjak said in a press release. “We think Steelers fans will enjoy the collectible and customizable Steelers wine bottles. We are happy to announce that these are now available for Steelers Nastion and we look forward to creating new bottles each season that celebrate our franchise’s great history.”

The customizable bottles can be purchased now at and will be stocked in select retail stores this fall, according to the release.