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Steelers Projected to Receive Third, Fifth-Round Compensatory Picks for Bud Dupree, Matt Feiler



Bud Dupree

The Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to receive a third-round compensatory pick for the loss of edge rusher Bud Dupree and a fifth-round pick for the loss of offensive lineman Matt Feiler in the 2022 NFL Draft.

According to’s Nick Korte, Pittsburgh and Detroit are the only two clubs projected to receive compensatory picks in the third round.

The exclusivity of the picks can be tied to the pandemic-altered salary cap, which resulted in fewer expensive free agents switching teams this offseason.

The Steelers selected former Texas A&M linebacker Buddy Johnson with their fourth-round compensatory pick from this year’s draft.

The Steelers’ trade of their 2022 fourth-round pick for a 2021 fifth-round pick to draft Wisconsin defensive end Isaiahh Loudermilk was made because of their expected additional draft picks in 2022, general manager Kevin Colbert said.

“We’re pretty sure we’ll have some type of compensatory pick in that fourth-round range,” Colbert said. “We never know exactly what that will be. We feel confident. We just wanted to get back into that fifth round this year, especially when a guy like Isaiahh was available.”

The Steelers would have gotten another pick for the loss of free agent tackle Alejandro Villanueva, but the Baltimore Ravens waited until after the Monday deadline for countable signings in order to keep the Steelers from getting a pick, while protecting one of their own.

Compensatory selections for the 2022 NFL Draft will not be officially announced until next March.