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Steelers QB Justin Fields Turns Heads with Offseason Workout Regimen

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Justin Fields turned heads with a photo of his offseason workout regimen over the weekend.



Pittsburgh Steelers QB Justin Fields
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Justin Fields during OTAs on May 21, 2024. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Justin Fields showed off the off-the-field work he’s been putting in during the team’s five-week summer break in an Instagram post on Saturday.

Fields posted a series of photos to his Instagram account on Saturday with the caption “Peace interlude.”

The photos include Fields relaxing in a tropical destination, but the one that turned heads was a shirtless gym photo of Fields working out with his father, Ivant in a small garage gym.

Justin Fields via Instagram

“Justin Fields is looking JACKED,” wrote NFL aggregator Dov Kleiman. Others expressed similar sentiments at seeing the workout photo.

Fields’ physical skills have never really been questioned, and the things that held him back as a three-year starter in Chicago were more about his ability to read defenses and make smart decisions with the football.

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But he also seems highly motivated to prove that he can be a better player than he was in Chicago, and taking time out of his family vacation for a garage workout with his pops certainly shows his dedication.

Fields said he’s been motivated by the atmosphere in Pittsburgh, and credited head coach Mike Tomlin for establishing a culture where players want to be their best.

“Me being in two different places now, I realize you don’t get this culture everywhere,” Fields said. “I think Chicago, they’re kind of changing the narrative now, but this has been the culture there for so many years. You can see it, just the way that we attack each and every day. Coach (Mike Tomlin), he stays on us about it, so I think just having that, reiterating that each and every day, that keeps guys on their toes. Guys are ready to compete every day.”

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He also said sharing a quarterback room with fellow former starter Russell Wilson, and the pending battle between them, has lit a competitive fire.

“We’re competing against each other every day,” Fields said. “I definitely don’t have the mindset of just sitting all year. I’m coming in here every day giving it all I got and pushing him to be his best, and he’s pushing me to be my best every single day.”