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Despite 3 Western Trips, Steelers Still Among Least-Traveled NFL Teams in 2023




The Pittsburgh Steelers had the lightest travel schedule in the NFL in 2022, never leaving the Eastern Time Zone and only twice — to Miami and Atlanta — never going farther than a five-hour drive from Pittsburgh and totaling just 6,442 miles of travel.

They will go much farther in 2023, but will still have one of the shortest flight totals in the NFL. The Steelers will travel 16,536 airline miles in 2023, according to a study by

For starters, the Steelers have the advantage of having nine home games at Acrisure Stadium in 2023, compared to eight home games in even-numbered years under the new 17-game schedule.

They also aren’t one of the nine teams heading to Europe for five games in London and Germany.

The Steelers also have the built-in travel advantage of a geographically compact division. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are the sixth-closest NFL stadiums to one another and only the three East Coast teams of the NFC East are closer to their divisional rivals. Those teams have an annual cross-country flight to Dallas, though.

The biggest travelers in the league this season are the Seattle Seahawks at 31,6000 miles, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at 29,958 and the Miami Dolphins at 27,110 miles.

The Steelers have the 21st-farthest to go, with three long trips to Western United States, visit Seattle, the Los Angeles Rams and their first ever trip to Las Vegas. The Steelers will also go to Houston and Indianapolis in addition to their three divisional opponents.

They will travel more than the Baltimore Ravens and less than the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals, who have the least far to travel in 2023. The Bengals will travel 11,942 miles this season.

The Green Bay Packers (11,956) and Chicago Bears (12,253) are also among the NFL teams with the least travel this season.