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Steelers WR Chase Claypool Looking to Add More Diverse Route Tree in Second Season



PITTSBURGH — Chase Claypool’s rookie season was one that got lots of people in Pittsburgh excited. For a player with a 6-foot-4 frame and 4.42 speed to immediately come in and be a key contributor to the team was huge. However, after a rocky second half that was designed to keep Claypool from hitting a rookie wall, as Mike Tomlin described, Claypool is looking to grow his game even more.

Claypool said he noticed teams rolling safeties over to his side more and cornerbacks playing with more outside leverage. He wants to make sure that in 2021 teams can not so easily neutralize him.

“I definitely noticed teams starting to roll safeties over the top and cornerbacks playing outside leverage,” Claypool said. “Hopefully I have a more diverse route tree and then they can’t do that.”

For Claypool, his biggest focuses have been on his releases and route running. Those are what he believes will allow him to take the second-year leap. For a player who is often compared to the likes of D.K. Metcalf, Claypool knows what he needs to do in order to take that leap,

“Just like my college years, I always progress,” Claypool said. “Things got easier for me in college and things are getting easier for me now. I’ve always focused on route running and releases, so that’s what I’m doing most.”

While the Steelers still lack the true number one receiver, Claypool has the potential to be that. He is just one member of an extremely talented receiving corps that just needs one of their high potential players to take that leap. If Claypool can do as he says, he will be extremely valuable to the Steelers’ success.