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Steve Smith Rips Matt Canada, Calls Offense ‘Saturdayish’




PITTSBURGH — The Steelers may have won on Saturday night in clutch fashion, with the Matt Canada offense driving down the field to score the game-winning touchdown, but not everyone was all that pleased with Pittsburgh. Put former Panthers and Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. in the crew that was not pleased with Pittsburgh’s offensive display on Saturday.

As the postgame crew of Colleen Wolfe, Michael Robinson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Smith were discussing the game, the topic of Pittsburgh’s offense came up. Smith did not hold back in his thoughts of Canada’s display throughout the night. In fact, he deemed it unworthy of the pro game.

“It’s Saturdayish,” Smith said of Canada’s offense.

When pressed if that was a subtle shot at Matt Canada, Smith pushed the red button, going off on Canada for what Smith believes are play calls not built for the NFL, but rather the college game. He flamed the structure of the play calls and how the played out on the field.

“I’m saying his play calling is Saturday and this, even though today is Saturday, is Sunday football and it isn’t going to work here. Not on this level,” Smith said. “He’s calling Saturday plays on Sunday.”

Whether that is fair to say or not is up to the eye of the beholder. Regardless, Pickett and the offense willed the Steelers to a victory. Smith clearly is not a believer in Canada and his philosophies. The often maligned offensive coordinator has taken plenty of heat this season, some of it deserved. As a game-winning drive, it was engineered well, but the rest of the game looms over the performance as a potential cloud.