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Study: Steelers 16th-Richest NFL Team in 2022 Season



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The Pittsburgh Steelers are ranked the 16th-richest team in the NFL in the upcoming 2022 season, according to a study by

The criteria for ranking the wealthiest teams in the NFL is based on an analysis of revenue data from the 2012 to 2021 seasons for each NFL team and then using that data to see how wealthy each team will be in 2025.

The Steelers moved up from 17th this past season to 16th this upcoming season. The team made $364 million in revenue last season and are predicted to make $469 million next season.

The top five teams in revenue were the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans and New York Giants. These teams have had considerable success over the past few years, and/or are in large market areas that draw in more support than smaller teams.

The Cowboys are the only team projected to make more than a billion dollars next year, as they look to make $1.022 billion in 2022.

The teams that rank at the bottom of the list are generally in smaller markets and/or have not seen great success in recent years. The Buffalo Bills rank at 28th, the Cincinnati Bengals are 29th, the Indianapolis Colts at 30th, the Detroit Lions at 31st and, surprisingly, the Los Angeles Chargers at 32nd.

The Chargers stands as an outlier due to being in a large market. Moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, where the Rams are the biggest team, means that market is smaller than it normally would be. The team is projected to make $411 million in 2022.

The Steelers were ranked the richest team in the AFC North, with the Baltimore Ravens at 19th at $458 million and the Cleveland Browns at 23rd with $442 million projected revenue next season.