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Super Bowl LVI National Anthem, Coin Toss & Halftime Performance Prop Bets



With Super Bowl LVI just hours away, the bets range from the obvious, what happens in the game itself, to the more obscure, like the national anthem, the coin toss, halftime performance and more. has released odds for the variety of different scenarios that could potentially happen Sunday night.

For the national anthem, the over/under is 100 seconds and the over/under of the word “brave” sung is 4/5 seconds. Also, the over/under for the amount of planes flown over during the song is five.

Mickey Guyton will sing the national anthem and for her dress, the color of her dress with the highest odds is white at +250. Following the color white is yellow/gold at +300, blue +400, black and grey/sliver +500, purple and red +900, pink +1000 and green and orange at +1400.

Guyton won’t forget any words in the national anthem according to the odds makers, with -3000 to not miss any words and +900 to forget/omit anything.

During the national anthem, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has the highest odds of either coach to appear first at -150 compared to Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor at +110.

For each quarterback, the Bengals’ Joe Burrow has the highest odds to appear first at -130, with the Rams’ Matthew Stafford close at -110. For each top wide receiver, the Rams’ Cooper Kupp has the highest odds to appear first at -150 and the Bengals Ja’Marr Chase, who won NFL Rookie of the Year, at +110.

The coin toss is straight forward with a -101 odds for the outcome to be heads or tails, the team calling the coin toss correctly or incorrectly at -105 odds and if the team that wins the coin toss wins the game at -105 odds. If the Rams win the coin toss, the odds are that they will defer at +100 and receive at -140.

For the halftime show, the odds are that two or more artists will appear to start the show at +275 odds. Snoop Dogg ha the highest odds to appear first solo at +275, then Dr. Dre +325, Eminem +350, Mary J. Blige +500 and Kendrick Lamar at +550.

The most likely song to start the show is “The Next Episode” at +300 odds and the song that has the highest odds to end the show is “Still D.R.E” at +350. The Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg song that has the highest odds to play first is “The Next Episode” at -175 odds and the Eminem song most likely to play first is “Lose Yourself” at -250 odds.

Whether there will be a guest performer is both yes and not -120 odds. There are heavy odds in favor of no artists smoking during the show, at -700 compared to +400 if there will be and there are heavy odds that explicit lyrics will not be censored at -1000 odds compared to +500 if there are censored explicit lyrics.

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