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Taco Charlton Said He ‘For Sure’ Hit the Ball on Jarvis Landry Fumble



PITTSBURGH — Taco Charlton’s first game in a Steelers uniform was a good one. While only accruing ten total snaps, Charlton took his practice squad elevation and ran with it. On one play, he helped force Baker Mayfield to try and escape the pocket, which lead to a sack.

However, the true talking point of his day was whether he ended up actually forcing the fumble on Jarvis Landry that Joe Schobert was credited for forcing. It does look like Charlton comes from behind and potentially swipes it, however, who actually ended up forcing the fumble is up in the air. Still, Charlton was asked about it when he talked with the media on Friday, and he had plenty of thoughts on the fumble.

“I mean, I hit the ball for sure,” Charlton said. “I don’t know which one of us caused it. However, I’m just happy it happened. Whether it was me or Joe who caused it, it was a big-time turnover at a big point in the game. It changed the whole chemistry of the rest of the game. So, as long as one of us got it, we won the game, so I’m not going to complain.”

Charlton is now in line to see a lot more playing time. Getting in on plays like the Landry fumble will continue to instill confidence in his level play as the season wears on.