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‘I Will Miss it’: T.J. Watt Cherishes Last Chance to Watch J.J. Watt Play Live



Steelers J.J. Watt

PITTSBURGH — On Sunday, when the Cardinals suit up to face the San Francisco 49ers, J.J. Watt will take the field for the last time in an NFL uniform.

A week ago, Watt announced that he would retire from the NFL after 12 seasons, putting a stamp on a Hall of Fame-worthy career. With it being the last time he is playing, you would imagine that his brother, T.J. Watt, would want to see his brother play live one last time. So, after the Steelers play the Browns, what does T.J. plan to do? He is going to sprint home to catch as much of brother J.J.’s final NFL game as he can.

“To be able to watch live, one last time, my brother play is something I will miss, I will miss it very much,” T.J. said. “It’s something that I’m looking forward to seeing. I love seeing him play. He’s a hell of a mentor, a great friend, has a phenomenal career, and is a great brother. I can’t say enough about my brother.”

There are no special plans for the Watt family to get together and watch the final game as a unit. But there will be a celebration of J.J.’s career at a later time. For T.J., it will be an emotional time to watch J.J. play, and that will become a strange feeling after watching his older brother for nearly his entire career.

“Never knew how serious is was until the last couple of months,” T.J. said. “Super proud and happy for him, excited to see him play these last two weeks. Just a hell of a career.”