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Trai Turner Discusses Run-Blocking Style on The Jim Rome Show



Since signing with Pittsburgh last month, Steelers guard Trai Turner has been vocal about the physical brand of football he likes to play.

Joining The Jim Rome Show on Tuesday, Turner once again elaborated on his affinity for dishing out punishment in the run game.

“When you able to hit somebody in the mouth play after play, and there’s like a body blow or a jab, a body blow, and you’re softening people up, and them two and those three and those four yards turn into 15 and to 20 and to 30, 40-yard runs, that’s really what the game is in my opinion,” Turner said. “And I feel like if you don’t have a good running game, and if you can’t go out there and deliver those blows, you can’t open the passing game up. So I think the run starts it all.”


Turner, who dealt with injuries while playing for the Chargers last year, reiterated that he is back to full health and ready to go in Pittsburgh.

“I feel good. I feel healthy,” Turner added. “And I just want to stay healthy and do what I need to do on the field.”

Pittsburgh his hoping Turner will supply that physical element they have been lacking over recent years, and in turn bolster a run game that finished dead last in the NFL a season ago.

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